Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flying Happy Meals

COFFEE!!! I used to only drink a shot to wake me up now I am up to two cups of coffee in the morning. Powerfull stuff...I was at walmart the other day. It was raining and almost dark. We saw a homeless person standing at a red light holding a sign "got change, will work for food". I felt so bad for the person. I didnt know whether to give him money or throw a happy meal out the window. How in the world could someone let themselves get to the point of homelessness? I could not imagine. No bed to sleep in, no hair brush, no toilet, no COFFEE! I dont know if I should feel bad and pity them or say it serves you right. I guess some people have reasons of desparation. And others are just plain lazy. Unless you talk to them its hard to tell the difference. I am guessing most are from domestic situations. When I was younger and had problems that I couldnt handle I always had my family to help me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have been homeless. The entire time I was shopping I couldnt stop thinking about this guy getting wet, standing on the corner, with everyone looking at him. The humilation must have surrounded him. So needless to say....we bought him a happy meal.