Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inlighten Me

Visited my dad this past weekend. It was his 50th birthday. He is a high risk diabetic. I am so scared for him. And myself for that matter. I follow right in his path. So I am determind! I started to add excerising into my normal routine. Yesterday was my first day.

It is very hard to add something to your routine when you hate to do it. Its like doing dishes...lots of sighs, grunts, ahhh...Yeah I guess I will do it now...but only because I have to. Grrr. I only lasted 10 mins on the stationary bike, but at least i did 10 minutes!

I found that if I closed my eyes it was easier. I didnt have to think about it. But I managed to work up a sweat. Hey dont be dissing. I am out of shape. We all know it. But my goal is to not lose weight but to maintain a healthier lifestyle so I dont get diabetes. If I lose weight in the process then that is great! If least I am getting my heart a pumping.

Diabetes runs in my family hard core. We all have eating issues. And cant deny that...although some of us do. It just is true. It is what it is. It upsets me when I tell people about diabetes and my family. They dont seem to understand. I told 'someone' about our family history. They have diabetes in their family too. BUT, there are two types of diabetes. At least in my head.

1. Skinny people who have insulin problems.

2. Big people who only have insulin problems because of their food addiction.

My family is number two. The people tell me "oh just eat healthier, excercise." youll love this one...controll yourself....Well let me tell you something! If your a herion addict. You take it everyday...and everyday your want more and more. You cant stop until its taken from you. You go nuts and just "need it". That is very simaliar to food. Better 'sugars'.

You can buy a crap load of junk food for 10 bucks at any store...especially discount stores. But if want fresh meat and veges, 10 buck buys you very little.

It's just rediculous!