Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Chaos

Tis' the season. Trees so red they look like they are on fire. Leaves tumbling in slight breeze of the wind. Dried cornstalks wrapped around porch posts. Dark grey cloudy skies. Crisp mornings....oh and the halloween isles PACKED with last minute shoppers!

I set out in September to find the perfect halloween costume. I am tired of being a witch, a clown, a farmer. I wanted something unique. More than one party to go to this year. I wanted it to be perfect!

Ha. Ha. Ha. Let me tell you what! Businesses think their consumer are a size freakin two! Every place I have looked has a wide selection of "unique" costumes. Everything and Everything you could possibly think of, lined the shelves. But look at the size. Guess what its not there!

The largest store of halloween costumes in my area had hundreds of different costumes. And like at least 25 different catagories. Wall to wall of accessories, wigs, jewlery, stocking, belts, decorations, everything...except...nothing a size higher than 14! I am not kidding.

So I asked for help...She ran around the store with me telling me...'oh here is one. Its not the size your looking for, but the way it is built, it has "flare" "room to breathe"' I was like get real! Everyone knows halloween costumes run small. A size 14 is like a size 12! America is big. And getting bigger. Accomadate the population! Not just tiny teens. Adults have fun too.

I told her I was going to throw a sheet over my head and be a ghost. Now there is "flare" for ya.

My next shopping. So many sites to choose from. Twice as many costumes. I thought this is great...a wide selection...ha ha ha. Standard size 12. Oh my freakin goodness!!!! There it is...the plus size button. In it, a whole, maybe, 30 costumes out of 300 on the site itself. But...Finally. Need I remind you at this point its like four weeks before halloween. I searched and searched. And there it was. The perfect costume. I was going to be a Vampiress. It is a deep red, and black. Beautiful fabric. Not the half plastic stuff. Lots and lots of detail. It looked so real, it was like a hollywood costume.  A bit pricy, but I was willing to spend up to 60 dollars on a costume. Going to three parties, I thought I would get my money out of it.

I clicked on the order button and wouldnt you size listed. Oh there we go a size chart. To my disapointment...size XXL is a flippin size 14. And all out of stock. I wanted to scream!!!!

So here I am 9 days till halloween and one day till my first party and still no costume.

I guess I will dig through my halloween box and put on my witches hat and yet again go a the typical, boring, old, half dressed, witch!