Thursday, October 29, 2009

Painting Clowns

I was at a convience store yesterday. Waiting to buy a pack of smokes. The lines were horrible. People acted like it was going to snow. This one lady had layers of clothes on. She was a bit weird. Hunched over she SLOWLY put her stuff up on the counter. Her nails were long and dingy. That just grosses me out. If your going to have long nails keep them painted or cleaned. Her coat was dirty. And her hair hadn't been brushed... A man behind me was dressed in a suit. Dark black with grey pin stripes. He was buying a cup of Joe. He looked really sharp. Probably going to work. Lawyer or something. So I stood there. Sighing under my breath. All I wanted was my damn smokes. The lady took forever. I glanced at the lottery tickets while I waited. So much fun...yet such a money waster. Really...who buys a cartful of groceries at a convience store? While I was "patiantly" waiting, in walks a group of girls. Maybe sixteen, seventeen years old. Laughing and and talking loud. I looked up and just started at them. Cute girls. They had the most fashionable styles going on. V-neck ruffle blouses. One was wearing boot cut jeans and the other a black skirt with (get this) hot pink knee high boots. These girls looked hot.  All stowing a cute guy on their arms. Not a soul in that store wasnt gauking at them. They were model teens for any magazine. Except one thing. Their faces were painted like clowns! Their makeup was shades darker than their skin tone. They had it all. The foundation, the blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, glitter. If I didnt mention it...I bet it was still there. You could see the different shades along the jaw line. I f***in hate that! Really. All you need when you where makeup is just enough to accent your best facial features. If ya want the color and glitter or something dramatic...keep it on your eyes. Can you not see in your mirror what you look like. Is your mask not noticeable to you? You could peel it right off your face and hang it on the wall for tomorrow. Seriously...if you could get all the compounds of that makeup stuck together...I wouldnt doubt that you really could peel it off as a mask. turn at the register...could I get a pack of blah, blah, blah...I could hear the girls clattering about the new mustang she was driving.... when the clerk said to me..."do these boys know they are with hookers riding in a car bought by daddy's money?" I dont know I said. On my way out the door one of the guys said with attitude..."its not her "daddy's money". I give her my mastercard".  I let out a bellowing laugh. Walked out the door..I could hear the chuckles behind me as the door closed.